Women Halfway House Sober Living Broward Florida

Women Halfway House Sober Living Broward Florida. The Green Lake House, located in Dania-Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a safe and supportive recovery home for women to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. We serve the South Florida area for those women seeking Sober Living. Green Lake House takes sober living to a different level. It is a community of women based on practicing the 11th step of a 12 step program. Contact us to learn more about our sober living facility and our sober living house services.

We are located in the heart of beautiful sunny Dania, Florida. Just 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach, 10 minutes from Fort lauderdale Airport, and exciting Downtown Ft. Lauderdale shops and restaurants. For those who are seeking a different experience in sober living!

Green Lake House in Broward County Florida caters to the needs of women who desire with in themselves to recover from addiction and improve the quality of their life. Most of our residents have compleated a 30-day treatment program before entering our house or have had significant recovery experience. As we realize other programs have a high cost, a prior in-patient program is not required but recommended. At Green Lake House, the residents are learning to “live” clean and sober, rather than “get” clean and sober and all residents MUST test clean to enter and stay clean to remain. Women may work, go to school, volunteer, have a cell phone, lap top or car.

4924 SW. 43rd Terrace. Dania, FL 33314


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